Les Remparts et la Porte Beucheresse

Place Hardy de Lévaré
53000 Laval
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In the early 13th century, the city decides to build its own system of fortification thanks to its recent development. With a lenght of more than 1100 metres, the surrounding wall was flanked with 27 towers, holed by 3 carriage gates (of which the 'porte Beucheresse') and 2 posterns.

In the 15th century, after the English have left the town, the walls are restored and a rampart walk over machicolations is added.

In the 19th century, when huge urban works began in the city, the frotifications knew important destructions.

Nowadays, the Porte Beucheresse, the North wall, its Renaise tower and the south wall sitting on top of the 'promenade Anne d'Allègre' are the only remains of the fortifications of the medieval city.